IAE’s Life & Culture

At IAE, despite constantly facing new situations at work, we challenge ourselves to strive for the best and rise to the occasion.

Our working environment is fun, and our co-workers are closely knitted. We never fail to celebrate, and we take pride in our achievements and the unique characters of our employees in building the IAE known to others.

We recognise that positive and constructive work culture will go a long way for an organisation. Hence, we hold firmly to these Five principles in our work culture :


Fairness is the essence of IAE’s culture. We treat our clients, staff members and environment fairly. In return, they give us their acceptance and support to our sustainability and growth.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

We are excited and motivated to learn every day. We get great satisfaction and enjoyment in improving our clients’ governance standards, staff competency and sustainability in the environment.


We do everything professionally. Our insistence on objectivity, competency, and integrity continuously pushes our professionalism limit and standard of quality to a higher level.


Our commitment towards fairness, continuous learning and improvement, and professionalism make us relevant to the society and corporate world constantly.


We believe in the culture of trust. This culture unites IAE with its clients, staff members and business partners.

Shaping the Governance Landscaping

Following are our contribution of articles to various professional accounting magazines and other publications in Malaysia over the years.



“Statement on Internal Control: What Must You Really Do?”
Akauntan National

“ Setting the Boardroom Agenda for CG Statements”
Akauntan National

“ The Listing Requirement Essentials on RRPT”
Akauntan National



“Why are Reviews of Internal Audit Function Not Popular”
Malaysian Accountant (MICPA); Akauntan National (MIA) & Chief Auditor



“Survey on Internal Audit Function of Public Listed Companies in Malaysia”
The Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia

“The New Guidance on Statement on Risk Management and Internal Control: Are Internal Auditors Ready for It”
IIAM, News Letter


“Are Directors Ready for Performance Appraisal?”
The Star 5th September & Malaysian Institute of Management