Anti-Bribery, Corruption & Money Laundering

Regardless of your stage in the corporate life cycle and journey, we can assist you in restoring, sustaining and supporting your GRC’s goals in your organisations. Here are the most frequently sought after solutions of our services.  However, if you need a custom-made solution to suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Anti-Bribery, Corruption & Money Laundering

Make a Positive Contribution to the Management of Risk and Smooth Operation

Successful organisations recognise that an effective internal audit service can make a very positive contribution to the management of risk and the smooth operation of the business. Our internal audit professionals can work with you to understand your business strategy and its associated business drivers, and how that strategy is delivered through an appropriate operational business plan and process framework. Your stakeholders will benefit from experienced independent professional evaluations and a review of the quality and effectiveness of the control environment within your organisation. Where areas are identified for improvement, we can work with you to help you identify solutions and achieve your objectives.

Services Include:

Advising your management team to develop workable internal controls that enhance the control environment

Providing advice on how to implement an effective and secured internal control environment

Advising on how to manage core operational risks, especially those related to the reliability of business operations

Assisting with linking operational strategies and risk performance measures to business goals

Assisting with change management and business awareness processes by helping make the transition from existing practices to more efficient and focused approaches through training and assisting of staff in the development of new skills

Evaluating the key structures, dynamics and processes required to underpin effective corporate governance

  • Implementation of Adequate Procedures Framework

Establish defences for company, directors and management against corporate and personal liabilities on bribery and corruption based on the principles of Adequate Procedures Guidelines and ISO37001


  • Corruption Risk Assessment
Identify the corruption risk and exposures and the measures to counter these identified risks and exposures
  • Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) Compliance Review and Implementation
Review and set up AML compliance and monitoring framework for asset management, money-lending, jewellery retail businesses, and business transactions involving significant cash or digital payments