Jacquerin Loh

Jacquerin is an experienced GRI assurance team leader who has provided advisory services on ESG practices to several local and overseas companies. Her experience and achievements include assisting a regional investment company in overseeing and aligning assets portfolio with international ESG standards and integrating these ESG standards into the investee companies.

A Master in Environmental Management, Jacquerin's passion for her work is evident in her spearheading of several EHS programmes, sustainability initiatives, quality management systems and capacity-building programmes in the construction and manufacturing companies. In the last river pollution scandal, her dedication shone through as she was also involved in the research and performed risk assessment, data analysis, and pollution mapping in the Klang Valley’s rivers.

Outside of work, Jacquerin is a person of many interests. She enjoys reading and often ventures out for strolls. At home, she takes satisfaction in organising and maintaining a comfortable living space, just like many of us.