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The Symbols of IAE's Logo

The blood-red colour represents its passion for what it is doing and the characters in its logo contain these meanings:

Symbolises ideas, insights and intelligent information in our deliveries

Our eyes focus on details and differentiations

Our wings that flow with the change

E Shadow – Our wings elevates us to see issues from the top

A non-conventional frame reflects our agility to adapt to environments

Have You Done Enough for Your Anti-bribery Procedures?

Effective 1st June 2020, an organisation commits an offence if its associated person (including its employees, contractor, vendor, supplier and agent) corruptly gives, promises or offers gratification to obtain or retain business or advantage in business conduct.

The penalty and liability for breach of this S17A are severe.  Upon conviction, the organisations and their directors, officers and management can be exposed to:

  • Fine up to 10 times of the sum of gratification, or RM1 million, whichever is higher;
  • A maximum jail term of 20 years; or
  • Both.

Under the law, to defend against this charge, an organisation shall prove that it has implemented adequate procedures to prevent its associate from undertaking the corrupt practice.  However, the question is, how adequate is considered adequate?

To answer this million-dollar question, organisations should conduct a corruption risk assessment to determine their risk exposures.  A holistic and well-documented risk assessment will go a long way in helping organisations to see clearly what they must do to balance the risks and controls adequately.  

IAE’s Footprints on Governance Landscape

Looking back on these twenty years, our journeys were full of adventures, challenges and joys. We are also glad to have our footprints on the governance landscape in Malaysia. Thanks to those who had joined, supported, taught, and made us stronger in different stages of our journeys.



June – December 2001
Conducted a series of briefings on Statement on Internal Controls for institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia

December 2001
Akauntan Nasional Magazine by MIA “Statement on Internal Control, What Must You Really Do?”



Survey on Internal Audit Functions of PLCs in Malaysia by IIA

August 2002
Akauntan Nasional Magazine by MIA



February 2003
Accountant Magazine by MICPA “Why Reviews of Internal Audit Function Are Not Popular?”



September 2004
The Star Newspaper “Are Directors Ready for Performance Appraisal?”


MESDAQ Directors Briefing on the revamped MESDAQ Listing Requirements on Corporate Governance


PLCs Directors Briefing on Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR“)



February 2011
Accountants Today Magazine by MIA “The Listing Requirements Essentials on Recurrent Related Party Transactions”

April 2011
Accountants Today Magazine by MIA “Setting the Boardroom Agenda for Corporate Governance Statement”

November 2011
KIT Newsletter by IIAM “The New Guidance on Statement on Risk Management and Internal Control”



July 2017
Conference by Federation of PLCS “How Do PLCs Fare in the Bursa’s Analysis on CG Disclosures”


March 2018
Seminar by Federation of PLCs “Drafting the New Corporate Governance Disclosures”


May 2020
Virtual Briefing by Federation of PLCs “The Clear and Present Corporate Risks in Pandemic”

May 2020
Virtual Briefing by Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand “Readiness And Action Plan for Corporate Liability on Anti-Corruption”



September 2021
Virtual Briefing by Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand “The Impact of 2021 Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance on Board Structure and Performance”